* Most people need up to 8 laser hair removal treatments to get completely rid of their unwanted hair. Our unlimited package is valid for 2 years from the day of purchase. The permanent hair removal treatments in the package can be execute every 10 weeks. Please also note our additional benefit. Unlike the other salons, who count body parts separately (for example, mustache and sideburn beard), we simply charge for entire body parts (for example, facial hair removal). Our clinic performs full body laser hair removal for men and women. We perform permanent hair removal for the following body parts  (select a body part for more information).  
  1. Face
  2. Neck & shoulders
  3. Chest
  4. Underarms (armpits)
  5. Upper/lower arms
  6. Full arms
  7. Stomach
  8. Back
  9. Bikini
  10. Buttocks
  11. Upper legs (thighs)
  12. Lower legs
  13. Feet

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 Laser hair removal treatment in summer

In summer time, we recommend perform laser hair removal treatment in covered parts of the body, for example in areas such as, the armpits, bikini, thighs. 

We do not recommend hair removal 2 weeks before sun exposure and 2 weeks after sun exposure.