What is laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal diode laser (not to be confused with the IPL hair removal) is a method of permanent hair removal using laser. The laser light that is absorbed by the melanin (hair pigment) in the hair follicle, is converted into heat destroying the hair matrix → the part what is responsible for its growth. The final result of laser hair removal is a permanent loss and destruction of hair. This is called selective photothermolysis and is most effective for the hair in the active growth phase (Anagen). The remaining part of our hair are in various stages of development such as - catagen (phase of transition ), and telogen (resting) are "silent" on the laser. It is assumed that after the first laser hair removal treatment about 30-40% of dark hair (Anagen phase) does not regrow. Patients with thinner hair or not fully dark hair, must be prepared for a weaker effect (caused by too low content of melanin in the follicle). Black hair, and thus containing a lot of melanin particularly are the most appropriate for the laser hair removal.



* After a series of laser hair removal treatments remains a lasting effect.  For some people because of hormonal disorders, related diseases or pregnancy, new hair can grow.



Χ   During the summer you can not perform laser hair removal treatments 

Myth. Treatments of laser hair removal can be carried out throughout the year. Moreover, relevant recommendations after the permanent hair removal treatment are needed. The laser beam emits radiation, which remains in the skin for about 2 weeks. During this time, it’s important not to expose body parts to the sun that have been subjected to laser hair treatment. This could cause burns, swelling or discoloration. In the summer time, it is recommended to do laser hair removal treatments on parts of the body, such as thighs and armpits, because they can be safely protected from the sun by clothes. The best protection in the warmer days is the use of filters with high UV protection that will safely protect your skin after a laser hair removal procedure.


Χ   Some lasers remove even very bright hair

Myth. There are lasers that can remove very bright hair, but their effectiveness is limited. So far, there has not been a laser invention, which can remove blond, red or grey hair effectively.


Χ   Laser hair removal removes hair after 1 treatment

Myth. Generally, you should perform a series of 6 to 8 treatments in intervals for about 7 weeks. Hair begins to grow normally at the beginning of each treatment, but after 2 to 3 weeks, all (or almost all) your hair starts to fall. Approximately after 4 weeks, there are new hair growing and the next laser hair removal treatment is needed. After each laser hair removal session, there will be less and less new hair growing back until they completely disappear.


Χ   The skin after laser hair removal treatment is very irritated

Myth. The skin may be slightly irritated, reddened, but after several hours, these symptoms should decrease.


Χ  Laser Hair Removal in the cabinet is as effective as home devices for laser hair removal

Myth. Currently you can find devices on the market for laser hair removal at home, which do not show the effectiveness of the lasers used in the specialized cabinet. Medical laser beam has a wavelength, which acts selectively on the hair and destroys its internal structure (wart and matrix). Home medical lasers - these are the facilities that have dispersed light beam, which is destructive to the shallow structure of hair and skin - this method of laser hair removal has a reduced efficiency. 


Χ   Is IPL hair removal is just as effective as laser diode?

Myth. IPL is not a laser. The difference is mainly in the removal efficiency and the amount of hair treatments required for depilation. Laser waves have the same wavelength and act in a targeted manner to the hair, and specifically it's pigment, not harming the tissues around. Where the IPL, patient undergoes irradiation of different wavelengths, which results in heating up the surrounding tissue (IPL selectively acts on the hair). Additionally, people that are using an exposure IPL, may damage their hair follicles, thereby reducing the effectiveness of laser hair removal.


 Only laser hair removal permanently removes hair

Truth. Permanent hair removal can be achieved only with laser hair removal method. The fastest way to get rid of dark hair, which contains a lot of pigment - melanin. The laser beam penetrates the skin absorbed by the pigmented cells and converts into heat, which damages the hair follicle. It inhibits hair growth in the future.


∨  The number of applications depends on individual

Truth. The number of treatments depends on the structure of the hair - the thickness and the color. In addition, there may be new hair on woman's face in the future. It depends on individual, hormones, and the time when laser hair removal was conducted (which growth phase).


Laser Hair Removal Light Sheer Duet is completely secure

Truth. The treatment in our salon is performed by experienced, trained professionals, and the Laser Light Sheer Duet is a first-class, renowned worldwide certified equipment by quality and safety. We provide the highest quality service, followed by the detailed procedures compiled by professionals.

Laser Lightsheer Duet

The main aim of the laser hair removal machine is to remove unwanted hair by exposure to pulses of laser light to destroy the hair follicles. Laser hair removal involves a process in which a specific wavelength of light is directed towards the skin and hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the bubbles and it's subsequent development.

Our hair removal salon London is working with LightSheer DUET laser. This laser uses vacuum technology so that the procedure of laser hair removal is painless. This is a revolutionary development of permanent hair removal. The effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment and the customer's comfort are the main advantages of the LightSheer DUET.

How is it working? The mechanism of the vacuum draws the skin into the handle. The skin is stretched and pigment cells are distributed. Hair follicles are closer to the source of energy. Therefore, the need for a smaller amount of energy to destroy the hair follicle is smaller, which reduces the stress on the skin.

LightSheer DUET sends a beam of highly concentrated light to the skin. The light emitted from the device is well absorbed by the pigment found in the hair follicles. The laser hair removal procedure is performed locally, allowing the possible elimination of hairs in a given location without affecting other cells of the skin. Destroying the hair root and significantly impedes its ability to re-grow. Due to the large size of the head, the treatment much faster than traditional laser hair removal alternatives. The secured human wavelength is between 700 - 1000 nm. Our laser emits a wavelength of 800 nm, and consequently penetrates up to 2 mm into the skin, which acts superficially.

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The main advantages of this laser hair removal method:
- Much smaller effect on the skin
- Fast and effective
- Painless and convenient
- No need to use gel
- There is no need for cooling
- Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)